Greensboro Association Online Directory

The online directory can only be accessed by members who have an email address registered with the association.

Click below for the online directory:

Once you have created a password (directions below) click on Log In at the top right and provide your log-in information. You can access the directory by clicking on the Members Tab. You can also update information and add a picture by clicking on the down arrow under your name after you have logged in. The News Tab provides you with a history of all email correspondences from the Association.

To Create a password to access the Online Directory

        1. Go to:
        1. On the top right click on Sign In
        1. Click on Create an Account.
        1. You must use the email address that you use for all GA correspondence. Once you have created a password and confirm it, make sure you tick the terms of agreement.
        1. Click Sign Up and you will get an email from Groupspaces with a link to log in. This link will take you to a page with information about our group and a link to the directory.
    1. Once you have created your account follow the directions above to access the directory.