What is The Fund for Greensboro?

The Fund for Greensboro is dedicated to supporting social, educational, artistic, cultural, recreational, economic, human service, and environmental initiatives in Greensboro and its surrounding community. It was established to invest in a diverse array of organizations, infrastructure, and initiatives that strengthen and enhance our community and to provide a resource for unforeseeable needs.

The Fund for Greensboro operates under the auspices of the Greensboro Association, a registered 501(c)(3) organization. It is supported by tax-deductible gifts from individuals who wish to contribute to the vitality of the Greensboro community for generations to come. The Fund for Greensboro currently consists of two funds, The Community Fund and The Caspian Lake Fund.

The Community Endowment Fund

The Community Endowment Fund generates annual income to augment the Greensboro Association Grants Program, which supports diverse community activities. Funded activities include educational and cultural activities, social and health care services, environmental stewardship, and recreation. Once $100,000 is reached, 2-4% annually will supplement the Grants Program.

The Lake Reserve Fund

The Caspian Lake Fund is dedicated to the protection of the pristine quality of Caspian Lake through community education and targeted programs to prevent and mitigate contamination and environmental threats.It is funded by annual and legacy gifts, and is guided by a steering committee.

Unrestricted / Other Funds

The Fund for Greensboro welcomes additional gifts focused on specific areas or initiatives of choice or unrestricted gifts that can support both the Community Endowment or the Lake Fund based on needs and at the direction of the Board of Trustees. Please contact Becky Arnold or any committee member to inquire about establishing a fund or donating to the FFG.

How can I contribute?

The Fund for Greensboro accepts cash, stocks, bonds, bequests, IRA and insurance designations.


Please make checks payable to the Greensboro Association, designating The Community Endowment Fund, The Caspian Lake Fund, or an unrestricted gift to The Fund for Greensboro.

Fed Fund Wire Transfer to NFS, LLC:

1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York, NY 10041 ABA: 021000021
Credit Account: 066196-221

▷▷ Further credit to either:
Greensboro Association – Endowment Fund Account #: C9B-024450

Greensboro Association – Lake Fund  Account #: C9B-024446


To make gifts of stocks and bonds to The Fund For Greensboro’s account at NFS, LLC:

DTC transfer to NFS, LLC:  DTC #: 0226

▷▷ Further credit to either:
Greensboro Association – Endowment Fund Account #: C9B-024450
Greensboro Association – Lake Fund  Account #: C9B-024446


Please consider naming The Fund for Greensboro in your legacy gift planning.

Gifts of $100,000+ may be named and designated for a specific purpose as approved by the Board of Trustees.

1781 Society

The FFG 1781 Society recognizes lifetime gifts or legacy bequests of $10,000 or more. 1781 Society donors who contribute before the end of 2018 will become Charter Members of the 1781 Society.

Gift Forms and Instructions

Please download the gift instructions and commitment form here:

FFG 1781 Society and Legacy Gift Instructions

FFG Statement of Estate Commitment