Our mission is to conceive, advance, and support village initiatives and organizations that enhance our community and to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment for both full and part-time residents of the town of Greensboro.

Fund for Greensboro, Community Grants Support and Initiatives

Consistent with our mission, the Greensboro Association launched the Fund for Greensboro (FFG) as a funding and advisory resource that invests in social, educational, municipal and environmental projects that are important to the Town of Greensboro and its residents.

While Greensboro is in many ways idyllic embodied in our people, natural environment, rural landscapes, pristine Caspian Lake, vibrant arts and cultural  communities and local food economy.  Yet, community challenges and unanticipated future threats remain:

  • The NEK’s stunted economy limits the quality of life of our year-round residents
  • Our youth lack the educational resources to face the new economy;
  • Basic human needs of some of our neighbors remain unfulfilled: hunger, security and lack of shelter may be out of sight but still exist.
  • Our lake and environment are threatened by declining water quality, invasive species, unregulated recreational use, and inappropriate development policies.

The Greensboro Association launched the Fund for Greensboro to generate financial resources to help address these and other issues today and in the future.

Lake Protection

Helping to maintain the quality of Caspian Lake is undoubtedly the most important role of the Association. Towards this end the GA has monitored water quality for many years on a weekly basis during the summer months. A Lake Protection Committee was established in the 1970s to study run-off from streams feeding the lake and the resultant build-up of the deltas, and an Aquatic Nuisances Committee examines ways to prevent the infestation of Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels. The Greensboro Association is an active participant in the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds whose purpose is to exchange information and solve mutual problems among its members in close cooperation with state environmental agencies. Another accomplishment of the Association was to limit the use of jet skis and waterski courses on the lake and which has had a major impact on lake protection and noise reduction.

Public Beach and Swimming

In cooperation with the Towns of Greensboro and Hardwick, it has greatly improved the public beach near the village dock. Furthermore, the Association sponsors and subsidizes the swimming program held at the public beach every summer. The swimming classes range from beginners groups to life-saving classes, offering certification according to Red Cross standards, and are open without charge to children of permanent and summer residents of Greensboro. In addition, it conducts a boating and water safety program.

Member Directory, Green Sheet Maps

Each year, the Association publishes a member directory that also includes a range of valuable information. These are sold at Willey’s. We also publish a “Green Sheet” of traditional events that  take place each year.


The Association maintains an active web presence with a website and pages on Facebook. Together, these channels provide an important link to our community on a year-round basis. A winter newsletter is published and mailed each winter. Together, these help to connect people with one another and inform everyone about key activities taking place in the village and around the lake.

Greensboro Initiatives

We have traditionally supported the Memorial Garden Committee which has created a beautiful living testament to those no longer with us, with an ever-changing seasonal array of native flowers in our village square. We also support a range of village area initiatives in support of priorities as outlined by the Greensboro Select Board. Recent projects include enhancements to the Village Green and elm tree protection.

Barr Hill and Long Pond

The Barr Hill and Long Pond committee have participated in the protection and management of these pristine natural resources.  Other efforts include projects to plant Elm trees, efforts to establish a bike path, and contributions to maintain trails for winter cross country skiing. Current efforts are focused on improvements to the village green near Willeys and related enhancements to the village.

Events and Entertainment

The Association also provides and facilitates entertainment. It sponsors summer concerts from the dock of the Landon cottage on the southeast shore of the lake every Sunday evening in July and August under the direction of the music committee. We have also helped maintain the annual 4th of July Fireworks and promote ‘sailing days’ on Caspian Lake. We recently launched an annual charity fun run, the Caspian Challenge, which invites runners to enjoy a day of community and benefit the association mission.

Ad Hoc Programs on Key Issues

The Association also has engaged as an advocate for its members in programs and activities that have a range impacts. These include the recent Tax Committee, led by John Schweizer, to research and communicate the tax situation and impact on residents of the Greensboro community. Other efforts include a review of the GA status as an advocacy organization and the potential to become a 501(3)c organization as well as the research toward a long term fund for Greensboro.