The Greensboro Association was founded in 1934 to conceive, advance, and support village initiatives and organizations that enhance our community and to protect Caspian Lake and its surrounding environment for both full and part-time residents of the Town of Greensboro.

The work of the Association includes:

  • Protect and maintain the quality of Caspian Lake
  • Support initiatives in the village of Greensboro
  • Provide financial support for area needs aligned with our mission
  • Help maintain the Public Beach and sponsorship of the free swimming programs
  • Sponsor and promote boating and water safety
  • Facilitate events and entertainment including the 4th of July fireworks
  • Maintaining the Memorial Garden

Membership is open to all residents of voting age of the community of Greensboro and summer residents of voting age who either own real estate or who have resided in the Greensboro community for one season.

Please join the Association. 

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